use your data to drive your sales.

Easy to use platform that enables builders to track sales, collaborate with their teams, share information, and make business decisions.

A business management platform that is easy to use

The Kiese business management platform makes it easy for construction companies to manage sales, proposals, make decisions, manage clients, manage workload, and much more!

easily manage your sales

make decisions quickly

Manage your client relationships

create proposals

colaborate with your teams

gain better market knowledge

Allow your data to help you make business decisions

Our system analyzes your data and provides you with the information needed to make business decisions. Whether its a go no go process, hiring more staff, or simply understanding the cost of a proposal, the data provided by our system enables you to easily make these decisions

Easy to use on a computer, tablet, or phone

No need to install anything. Our secure web based  platform is easy to use on a laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone. This eliminates the need to have to be on a company server in order to share files with team members.

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